MD Market Resources

Knowing your market is incredibly important for a realtor and investor. These are some of my commonly used resources for monthly statistics to keep me up to date with my local market.

  1. The Home Index through Bright MLS is the most interactive resource available, allowing the viewer to interact directly with their Home Demand Map from Metro area, down to counties and even all the way down to zip codes.


Baltimore | June 2022

2. The MD Realtor Association puts out Monthly Housing Statistics in beautifully colored infographics every month to show a snapshot of the overall state of Maryland.

Under the infographics there is a table of Sales Data which provides for each month of each year and the year at a glance statistics for past calendar years.

3. Redfin is great because it also gets very detailed in regards to how their data is broken down and displayed. You can view housing markets by neighborhoods that are available, nearby cities, zip codes, and they also have additional resources that many buyers sometimes over look such as schools and their ratings, transportation and neighborhood rankings.