The Probate Timeline

Please take a moment and read through the following probate timeline. If you or someone you know has been appointed as the Executor/Executrix or Administrator/Administratix of an estate, please print yourself a copy of the probate timeline below as your roadmap of the journey from a 30,000 foot view. I’ve also made the probate timeline and my information available to you via download at the bottom
The probate timeline I’m making available for you or someone you may know who has been appointed to be the Executor/Executrix or Administrator/Adminisratix of an estate. I’ve made this available for you to download and run with my contact information BBDG – Probate Timeline for your convenience. Please print this out and put it on the fridge as this will give you a 30,000 foot view of where you’re at in the process at all times. Once you get the Letters of Testamentary you have control of the estate and can make decisions. That’s when you call me to figure out the best plan to liquidate the real property if it’s decided that that’s in the best interest of the estate.
Step                                                                                                  Duration
Prepare and File Petition for Probate
1-2 months
Court hearing on the Petition for Probate
2-3 months
The following are issued:  Letters of Administration, Orders for Probate, Duties and Liabilities, Issue Bond (if ordered), & **Letters  Testamentary **
2-4 months
(if not contested)
Notice to Creditors
2-4 months
Notice to Department of Health Services Inventory & Appraisement
4-8 months
Pay State and Federal Taxes (if necessary)
6-12 months
Allow or Reject Creditor Claims
Possible Preliminary Distributions
Notice to Department of Health Services (if deceased received medical)
Notice to Franchise Tax Board (if heir is out of state)
Claim of Exemption (if assets transfer to a minor)
6-15 months
Receive Final Tax Letter from State and Federal (if appropriate)
6-18 months
File Petition for Final Distribution and Accounting
8-16 months
Hearing on Petition for final Distribution and Accounting
Order Approving Final Distribution and Accounting
Distribution of Assets to Heirs
9-17 months
Final Discharge Order (indicates close of probate case)
9-18 months
Final Distribution of Funds
9-18 months